Auto Mechanic Garage Simulator Mod Apk 1.8 (Unlock)

Auto Mechanic Garage Simulator Mod Apk 1.8 – Do you play car tuning, repair, builder, drifting video games? Do you want cars? Do you want simulators? Interested in auto mechanics? Are you happy to fix and fix mechanical problems? Are you fascinated by automotive engines and the way you work? If you answered “YES”, you may be in the right place. Automotive Mechanic Simulator 21 is the perfect entertainment for you. Discover iconic cars in the previous stables or according to orders. Reset engine, brakes, exhaust, gearbox and suspension. Check the automotive monitor. Remove dirt and rust, put on the filler and repaint the car.
Promote refurbished cars and develop the last word mechanic! Pimp the cars.

Have you ever wanted to run Automotive Mechanic Storage? Play now, stay tuned for Junkyard Tycoon Folks to take their cars to your car depot and it’s important to do Automotive Restoration, Automotive Restoration, Automobile Landfill Car Repairs. Completely different ranges with completely different duties, such as Portrait, Breath Removal and Automotive Cleaning. Fix this engine and much more in this Automotive Grasp Mechanic Simulator.

You start out as a new automotive mechanic, go to the store and buy some oil, paint and tires at your car dealership. The first car comes to change the oil, enter the automobile, park the oil change part of the vehicle depot. Open the car chain, open the engine screw, add oil, close the screw, close the scrap car chain. Your first process as an automotive mechanic is over. The next man comes to clean the car, enter the car and take it to the car wash part of the car, press the button to wash the car, then go ahead and press the button to maneuver the rollers to clean the car from the sides, then from above. Junkyard Tycoon in this Automotive Grasp Mechanic Simulator.

The next buyer comes to the car depot to test the acceleration, get into the car, go to the acceleration test ramp, get out of the car, go to the machine to test, hold down the button until the bar is full, and then repeat in 4 gears. It is now important to restore the landfill automotive and repair the automotive body, removing bumps. Start the car by moving it to the storage space of the car mechanics, choose a suction machine, then put it in your mouth, then the button will appear, hold on until you urgently remove your finger and restore the car. After completing the restoration of the car, through the portrait of the repair space, choose the right paint, go to the automotive and paint this Junkyard Tycoon Automotive Grasp Mechanic Simulator in the areas where the scrap car was in the proven areas. Now the individual engine is damaged. Get in the car, take it to the car mechanic’s storage space, open the hood, use a lifting machine to get the car’s engine out, and put it on the table to restore the car, then pick up the screwdriver and remove the nuts and replace with others. car restoration. Change the tires, take the car to the ramp, press the button and the car goes up the ramp, now choose the key, go to the first tire and press the button to remove the four nuts, then take out the tires and put them on the table in the car mechanic’s warehouse. go to another site with the new tires, pick and go to the automotive industry, put on the tires and pick up the screws and put on the tires, repeat the two tires on each side. Finally, a very broken car has come, do a complete car restoration and automotive restoration car denting, portraying and finishing car cleaning in this Junkyard Tycoon Automotive Grasp Mechanic Simulator.

So what are you ready for? DOWNLOAD NOW! And play Automotive Mechanic Simulator: Junkyard Automotive Restore Sport to live as an automotive mechanic and landfill tycoon.

Auto Mechanic Simulator: Junkyard Car Repair Game Features:

• Direct and easy controls.
• Sensible Automotive mechanical storage
• Excessive quality cars and restoration tools
• Wonderful 3D graphics.
• Gambling addiction

Let’s see how you need to live as an automotive mechanic in “Auto Mechanic Simulator: Junkyard Car Repair Game”: Enjoy probably the most anticipated pastime of the 2021 automotive mechanic!

Features of Mod Apk

  • Unlock the game

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